6 Simple DIY Halloween Decorations

6 Simple DIY Halloween Decorations

It’s that time of year again!….


Try these 6 simple DIY tricks this year!

ghoulishly-glowing-cupcakes-1 How cool are these glow in the dark cupcakes?! They are sure to add a little spookiness to your dessert table. See how to make them here its actually really simple.  You’ll never guess what makes them glow!!……Tonic water!

halloween-candy-jars-ictcrop_galHow creepily fun are these jars filled with candy eyeballs, teeth and spiders, etc… Another great display to add to a dessert table! See how they were made here

101212-skeleton1Easter Eggs for Halloween?!…. How awesome! Love this idea! You can even turn it into a fun game for the kids on Halloween to hunt for spooky eggs! See how these were made here

DIY-Glitter-Pumpkins-Halloween-DecorationsWho doesn’t love a little sparkly glam on their pumpkins! Try out these glitter pumpkins this year! Get the how-to here 


Fanged Pumpkins! These are perfect little pumpkins for dressing up your dinning room table! Get the how-to here

spirit-jugs-halloween-craft-photo-420-FF1007TREATA13 Light up your sidewalk with these ghost milk jug lanterns! See how to make them here 

Jamie Fago