Cake Pop Flavor of the Week

Cake Pop Flavor of the Week

Cookies and Cream!!

This flavor is definitely one of my favorites! So delicious and has little surprise bites of white chocolate chips inside.  You can also make this flavor by using our Southern Belle’s Cakery Cake pop kit!!! (you can pre-order the kit HERE!)

What You’ll Need:

  • Our Southern Belle’s Cakery Cake Pop Kit
  • White chocolate chips
  • Oreo crumbs

How To Make:

Using our SBC Cake pop kit, follow the instructions on making your own yummy cake pops! Once you have baked your cake and crumbled it, add in about 2/3 cup of white chocolate chips and mix them in with your crumbled cake and icing. Roll your cake pops and prepare them for dipping.

To prepare your Oreo crumbs you will want to take about 6 Oreo cookies and place them in a durable zip lock bag. Making sure that the zip lock is closed properly, begin crumbling the Oreos, you can also use a rolling pin to roll over the bag to speed up the process. Once the Oreos are all crumbled, pour in a small bowl.

Once your cake pops are ready to be dipped in your melting wafers, dip them in the melted flavor of your choice and cover them in your Oreo crumbs while the chocolate is still melted. Place cake pop in stand to dry and repeat for the rest of the cake pops. Once you have finished you can can leave your finished tasty cake pops out to enjoy them when you are ready or you can go right for ’em!!



Jamie Fago