Cake Pop of the Week

Cake Pop of the Week


Strawberry Shortcake 

Try this great flavor cake pop! Its a perfect one to make with Valentine’s Day right around the corner!

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Checkout the local stores that carry our kit!

{Also, now added to our list of stores…SWOOZIES!!}

What You’ll Need:

SBCakery Cake Pop Kit

Fresh Strawberries

Large crumbled shortcake pieces

How to Make:

Follow the directions in making our Cake pops using our kit. Addition: add diced strawberries to the cake batter and then bake the cake and continue following the steps. Once you have crumbled your baked cake add in large pieces of crumbled shortcake {this will give the cake pop a great little taste with crunchy bites} continue following the steps to completing the cake pop and once you are done sprinkle the remaining crumbs of shortcake over the chocolate coated cake pop…… and then Enjoy!!

Happy Baking!



Jamie Fago