Cake Pop of the Week

Cake Pop of the Week

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Ice Cream Cake Pop Sundae 

Try this fun decorative cake pop to end your summer! Try making this fun treat using our SBC Cake Pop kit! Order your kit from our online shop Here 


To Find out where you can buy SBC Cake Pop kits in Palm Beach check Here

To watch our tutorial on how to make Cake Pops check Here

What You’ll Need:

SBC Cake Pop kit

Mini Sugar cones

How to Make:

This Cake Pop of the Week is an easy one! Following the steps to making our cake pop, the only thing you will do differently is, instead of using the pop sticks you will make your cake balls larger enough so that they will fit onto  the sugar cone. Once you have done that then you Can decorate your Ice Cream Cake Pop Sundae  any way that you would like!!

(one extra step you can try: fill your cone with chocolate so that it taste great till the last bite!)

Happy Baking!!

Jamie Fago