22 Sep Past Halloween Favorites

If you have been following along with me on my blog for a few years you may realize that Halloween is one of my favorite little holidays! I think its one of my favorites because One, there are always so many great decorations that go along with the holiday and there are so many fun DIY's to make! Second reason for...

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20 Aug Health Nut Chocolate Bark

This is the best little snack to keep in the refrigerator! Its very simple to make, your topping choices are endless, and it last a long time! Its also pretty healthy for you too! Directions: Choose any topping  you wish.. I chose to use almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, goji berries, dried pineapples and dried apricots. Melt about 3 large chocolate bars...

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13 Jul Recipe:: Arugula and Fig Spread Pizza

This is a delicious and very simple pizza to make! All of the different flavors in this pizza make it taste as if it came out of a gourmet kitchen and the best part of all, its so easy to prepare!! Trust me, I had never made a pizza before and I could not believe how good (and Pretty!) it...

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08 Jul Recipe:: Cool As A Cucumber

Want to make a refreshing appetizer that is perfect for this, Oh! SOOO HOT summer?! Try these delicious Cucumber Cups! Make small cucumber cups and fill them with your favorite dips! You can make anything you wish to put in them...

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