DIY Chalk Fun

DIY Chalk Fun

Lately I have been having a lot fun painting things with Chalkboard paint! It is really an easy thing to do and whatever you paint comes out so cool!

This is a wall that I painted in our kitchen. I think that it’s in a great spot because no matter if we want to  just write little notes or sayings or if we need something from the store, we can just write it right on the wall! (Or even if we want to draw a little doodle, like my Old Man and the Sea meets Moby Dick 🙂 )

The Supplies

(Can be bought at most home improvement stores)

Here is another great idea for painting with chalk paint! I think I’m going to paint a few of these for our Halloween Party!

(just be sure that if you are going to re-use them, to make sure the top is covered!)

Happy Crafting!!



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Jamie Fago