DIY:: Covered Frames

DIY:: Covered Frames


Today’s craft is about adding a little glamour, sparkle, geometric design or really whatever you like to a simple {boring} frame.  With Valentine’s Day coming up I thought these little frames could make sweet little gifts. Its easy to spruce these frames up and by “Doing It Yourself” its a heartfelt gift. These frames are great for Mom, Grandma, family, friends or even just for you to have at home or in an office.

{And get this… this project cost under $3! How awesome is that}


The Supplies:

Wooden Frame (I bought this frame from Michael’s for $1)

Your pick of pretty paper (mine, also from Michael’s)


Tacky Glue


Exacto Knife


How To Make:

Center your frame facedown on the back of the paper. Once centered, take your Exacto knife and cutout the center of the frame. Then, flip your frame over and apply glue to the front of the frame and then align your paper to the center so that the hole you cut out is in the right place. Press the paper firmly onto the front then flip over so that you see the back of the frame.

Using a pencil, mark off your corners of the paper and then cut each corner off. Then apply glue to the back of the paper and fold the paper over the frame. {be sure to make deep creases in the paper and push the paper down firmly onto the frame} Repeat for the rest of the sides and then…. WA…LA!! You Have a Beautiful Frame!




How Beautiful is that?!!

Happy Crafting!



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Jamie Fago