DIY:: Floral Painted Cake

DIY:: Floral Painted Cake

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For this DIY I wanted to try out a cake that I thought those of you who like to make and decorate cakes would like!

Trust me, you do not have to be some great artist for this one! Just find some sort of design that catches your eye or that you think would be pretty on a cake. It does not have to PERFECT! The fun part is just TRYING!!

I chose to “try” the design from my new phone case made by Rifle Paper Co. and their collaboration with Paper Crown.  I love this phone case, I love the flowers and the colors… just makes carrying around my iPhone that much more pretty!

So, back to the DIY…

What You’ll Need:

Frosted Cake (Of Course!)

Food Color Gel (the gel works best)

Vodka (for deluding the colors)

Edible Glitter Disco Dust

3-4 Paint Bushes


First you will want to frost a cake making sure to try and make your frosting as smooth and even as possible.

Then you will want to place your cake in the refrigerator for about 15-20 minutes. By leaving the cake in the refrigerator it will allow for the icing to get hard and make for painting on the cake much easier. (you will know the icing is hard enough by lightly touching the cake and no icing or finger prints appear on the cake)

While your cake is getting hard you will then want to prepare your colors. Choose your colors then, squeeze 2-3 drops of food coloring gel in a dish or plate. Then you will want to add about 1 tsp. of vodka to the food coloring, this will create a “water color” based paint.

Once you have prepared all of your colors, and your cake is ready then begin painting your design. If at any point the icing starts to get soft place the cake back in the refrigerator to let it get hard again.

Remember, it does not have to be perfect! Its a cake and I’m sure whatever you paint on it will be beautiful!

Happy DIY-ing!!!


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Jamie Fago