DIY: Ghost Garland

DIY: Ghost Garland


These cute little ghost couldn’t frighten a fly!

I was inspired by these cute little guys from Michael’s and couldn’t wait to try them out!!

Try this fun and simple DIY to add a little Halloween Cheer to your home.

These little guys could also be made into cute monster or even Pumpkins!! Just use different color yarn!


What You’ll Need:

Styrofoam Balls


Black Paper for eyes (I used a black foam sheet, From Michael’s)


Durable string (to hand your ghost)

Paper Straw (to put holes through ghost)

Hot Glue Gun


Loop yarn several times (enough times to cover styrofoam completely)


Tie a knot around the center of your looped yarn


Cut looped ends of yarn


Lay yarn flat on table and spread out all strings evenly.

Add hot glue to center of the yarn and attach styrofoam to center.

Image not shown: Take a durable sting and put it through a paper straw (I used one of those vintage cute straws) wrap the end of the string around the straw and put the straw through the styrofoam ball (insert closer to the top of the ball) and repeat for all other balls.

Once you have all of your ghost on the string, hang them and then adjust the yarn so that the styrofoam is covered with yarn. Once you have your ghost hanging the way you like then add their little eyes and mouth. (I waited till the end to add this step so that everything was placed evenly)


And there you have it!

A Fun Little Halloween DIY!

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Happy Crafting!

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Jamie Fago