DIY: Rhinestone Bracelets

DIY: Rhinestone Bracelets

What You’ll Need:

How to Make:

1. Take your 12inch string and place your rhinestone chain in between your string. Leave a small loop hole at the top for securing your bracelet at the end.

2. Take your 24inch string and tie a nice secure knot around your 12inch string, loop hole and first rhinestone at the top.

3. Then, just take your 24inch string and wrap it between each rhinestone. (You may want to wrap it around 2-4 times depending on the thickness of your string) and just keep wrapping until you have reached the end. Once you are done, secure another tight knot and use the string that is left over to loop through your loop hole and then tie another knot once its on your wrist. And there you go!! You now have a cute, new, colorful bracelet!

These bracelets do not take much time at all to make, so make a few different colored ones and wear them together!!

Here are some photos of my Nieces and I making some…. we had a little bracelet-making- party! 🙂

Jamie Fago