Elizabeth’s 1st Bday…..Let Them Eat Cake

Elizabeth’s 1st Bday…..Let Them Eat Cake


Just a few weeks ago we celebrated our daughter’s First Birthday!… Man! did the year go by fast!


Elizabeth is our first baby girl and with that, being a new mom and new parents I feel you find out so many new things about yourself. I feel that not only are you caring for and watching this little human grow before your eyes and learning to do things everyday, but you yourself are growing and learning new things about life. Everything she does makes me think of the future for her. Things that she’s learning now and her little personality that is coming through makes me think about what she will be like as she gets older.

Being a Mom for me this year I have felt a bigger love than I ever could have imagined, I catch myself just smiling and staring at her. She has brought so much happiness to my husband and I, we feel so proud and are filled with so much love!

Preparing for Elizabeth’s First Birthday party was something I was So excited about… (I started planning for it four months before 🙂 ) All of the little details from her party are all pretty simple DIY’s that I made and I think you can too! (I had a serious addiction to Michael’s while preparing for her party, I couldn’t stop crafting!!!!)

Here are all the details from her party…. Hope you enjoy!



Door wreath-(styrofoam cut into a 1 and hot glued silk flowers all over)

TeePee-(a very sweet friend of ours made for Elizabeth)

DIY Crowns-(lace cut to size, hot glued together, fabric stiffener, Gold glitter spray paint)

DSC_7761 copyGlitter close pins and Photos-   Check here
DSC_7781 copy

Let Them Eat Cake Sign-(Pattern and glitter craft paper cut into large triangles and taped to bakers twine, gold adhesive letters from Michael’s)


All desserts by Southern Belle’s Cakery
DSC_7769 copy DSC_7777 copy
DSC_7776 copy

Food Tags-(Made from Craft Paper, Adhesive signs from Michael’s)

DSC_7770 copy DSC_7773 copy
DSC_7779 copy


DSC_7782 copy

Bubbly Bar for the Adults

DSC_7785 copy DSC_7783 copy

DSC_7884 copy

Fabric Garland-(JoAnns Fabric, I picked out 5 different colors and patterns along with lace, and gold ribbon. Cut the fabrics into strips, folded them in half and looped them around baker’s twine)

DSC_7810 copy DSC_7886 copy DSC_7831 copy DSC_7947
SBC_1bday DSC_8275 DSC_8328

Elizabeth’s handmade outfit by Ava Rochelle Designs

Photography by Erica Rourke Photography


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