Fancy Fun Shoot

Fancy Fun Shoot

A few weeks ago we had a Fancy Good ole’ time shooting photos of our Fancy Hostess Aprons and our New! Holiday Collection Skirt Aprons!

And Boy! Oh! Boy! Was planning for this shoot a lot!!……..But I loved every Minute of prepping for it!

Especially when my daughter who is 15 months old was trying her best to help mommy craft! (from keeping the confetti out of her month, to making sure she didn’t grab the scissors, AGAIN!… and wave them in my face saying No No No!… yes, that happened) It was a big project and I only hoped that my vision would come to life during the shoot.

So after weeks of planning and crafting, the day had finally arrived! Everything and I mean EVERYTHING….. from craft, prop, location, models, photographer and hairstylist…Everything was perfect and was more than I could have envisioned!

Because of all the girls involved in this shoot the photos came out perfectly!

So much so that I am having such trouble figuring out which ones to use!!

See below some of my favorites!

And if you missed our little behind the scenes video check it out here

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A Very Special Thanks to:

Melissa Enid Photography

Tamlyn from Colt & Coop for letting us use her studio

Margo from Capelli Hair Design

Jess for Being A great Model

Palm Beach Lately Sisters Beth & Danielle

Jamie Fago