Healthy Happy Baby….Happy Parents

Healthy Happy Baby….Happy Parents


If you know our family then you most likely know how healthy we are!  I wish that I could take credit for all the healthiness in our household and say that I am the brains behind all the juicing that keep us healthy, but I would be lying…. 🙂

I have to give ALLLLL the credit to my sweet husband!

If it was not for him I would probably be eating lots of not-so-good-for-me things… for example, like my favorite foods, pigs in the blanket in the morning, some kind of hearty big lunch and who knows maybe chicken potpie, chicken and dumplin’s with cornbread… or Thai Food (which I could probably eat every single night if I could) for dinner…. you get the point, very fattening foods! And then I would be as big as a house and would be complaining ALL the time!! But, thank goodness I don’t have to worry about that.

Since the beginning we have been juicing and all throughout my pregnancy I was juicing.  Joey (my husband) would make me a green juice every morning. Even on those days when I couldn’t stomach anything I would have a green juice because no matter what at the end of the day it would give me energy, make me feel refreshed and would give me that extra glow. I know because of juicing during my pregnancy is the reason why I stayed so healthy and had no problems like swelling, breakouts or catching colds. Even more so, after the arrival of our baby girl I knew that she was just as healthy! Not only through the time she was in my belly 🙂 but after through breastfeeding. I would juice in the morning and later that day or the next I would see my juice in her diaper!.. I know a little TMI, but I knew that she was getting the benefits also!

Now that our daughter is 10 months old we have slowly been introducing smoothies and green juices into her own cup. And wouldn’t you know it!…. She LOVES them! Since she was born she has been nothing but a Happy and Healthy baby and I believe a big part of that is because of what goes into her belly!



Whatever smoothie or juice we make for ourselves, we make the same for her just a little lighter. For example, if we put a handful of kale in our green juice then for her we only put 1 kale leaf and water her juice down. (1/2 juice 1/2 water)

Here’s the recipe from her smoothie pictured above


1 large kale leaf

small handful of blueberries

quarter of banana

quarter avocado

bottle of water or coconut water

*Mix all together in a vitamix

If Juicing and Smoothie making seem too complicated for you, checkout this! This Beautiful Girl will make them for you and ship to your house!!:)


Happy Juicing!!


Jamie Fago