Italian Flare…

Italian Flare…

The other night my husband and I were all curled up on the couch watching Giada de Laurentiis in Paradise (Foodnetwork). She was in Capri, Italy exploring and tasting all sorts of amazing foods and desserts.

As Joey (my husband) and I, were glued to the television with our mouths watering, we were both brought back to the memory of our visit to Capri where we had some of the best italian dishes. Another memory that came to mind was Buppa’s Carrot sauce and pasta!

Buppa is Joey’s aunt from Italy and during our visit we were lucky enough to spend time with her at her home where she cooked up a feast!

Never the less… at 10pm after watching Giada we opened a bottle of wine and started making Buppa’s Carrot sauce and pasta and it was FABULOUS!! True italian style late night dinner!<3


So easy to make:

In a large deep sauce pan, bring olive oil and garlic(3 gloves) to a sizzle, cook garlic until golden, add 1 whole chopped yellow onion, cook until clear.

Clean, peel and cut up carrots (a bag and a half) into large pieces, put in pan then cover with chicken broth, add salt and pepper, give a good stir, put lid on and cook on medium heat until carrots are tender.

Once carrots are done, pour all ingredients into a blender and mix until everything is blended (be careful, will be very hot and sauce could shoot out the top of the blender).

Pour back into your sauce pan, season with salt and pepper and desired, and serve over rigatoni pasta.


Jamie Fago