Lifestyle:: Beautiful Skin

Lifestyle:: Beautiful Skin

Hi Guys! Thought I would add a little personal section to the blog… which will be all about Lifestyle! In this Lifestyle tab I will put things about Mommy Life, Home Life, Beauty Life and really anything about Life!

First up!… I wanted to share with you my favorite pampering products!… I am a Big fan of Kiehl’s products! While choosing skin care products I would always look for something that was (A) good for my skin and did not have harsh chemicals because I have very sensitive skin and (B) a product that would have a good amount of moisture!…. (my skin can get very dry and who likes that) after searching and trying out different types of skin care products I was all about the Kiehl’s products! Just about every product I have tried from the line I have loved! Listed below are my go to everyday products I use!

For the Face

Face wash: Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face wash

After shower: Hydro-Plumping Re-texturizing Serum Concentrate (for eyes, forehead and around mouth) and then I use the Ultra Facial Cream 

Eye Treatment: Creamy Eye Treatment ( LOVE this one!) the avocado just makes your eyes fill amazing! I put a pretty good amount on before bed and when I wake up in the morning… I feel amazing!

For the Baby Bump

My first pregnancy I used this amazing Stretch Mark Solution by Tammy Fender  Its a very light solution that leaves your skin feeling very soft! Smells so good and just makes you feel good all over. I loved it so much that I’m using it this time for round 2 baby bump!

Another one of my favorite products for the baby bump and all over body is the Honest Company’s Baby oil! Its great and we keep a big stock of it in our house for the whole family to use.

For the Nails

While pregnant I do not usually paint my nails that much…. but trust me I know every now and then a girl needs a nice trip to the nail salon for a little pampering!  I just try to give my nails a break and only paint them every few weeks. BUT!!… I just came across this great polish that does not smell and allows for the nails to breathe under the polish. Its called julep! I love it and makes me not worry about the fumes and keeps my nails healthy! Definitely check them out!

Hope you liked all my pampering products and was helpful if you were looking for some new products to try out!

Thank you for continuing to follow along with me and welcome to the Lifestyle portion of the blog!

Happy Pampering! xoxo


Jamie Fago