Lifestyle:: Favorite Corners of My Kitchen

Lifestyle:: Favorite Corners of My Kitchen

Aside from being a lover of baking and extreme crafting, I am a Mom… and being a Mom who actually loves whipping things up in the kitchen, I pretty much spend my whole day in the kitchen.

From making food and snacks for my two little girls (4 years old and 18 months)… Cleaning up after them, making dinner, cleaning up after dinner and then of course making some sort of last minute sweet dessert before off to bed, because you know…. “how dare I, the “baker-Mom” not make something sweet to end the night for my family” (this all according to my husband)

With that all being said and spending most of my days in the kitchen, I want every corner of my kitchen to have something pretty to look at!

I do truly love being in my kitchen…. its probably my favorite place in my house! I think its my favorite because it has the most natural light. I can be in it all day without having the lights on and the natural light from outside that comes through just makes the space a happy space!


Items Featured:
White dinner plates on open shelving: Vietri
Yellow and white checkered cake stand and jar: Mackenzie-Childs
Marble seasoning dispensers: William-Sonoma
Glass Honey Jar: Saks Fifth Avenue
Pink Mixer: KitchenAid
Coffee Maker: Nespresso
“Sugar” Jar: Homegoods
Coffee Pod container: Mackenzie-Childs
Red “Bingo” Tray: Mackenzie-Childs

Pirate Ship Chandelier: ABC Home & Carpet

Family Name Letters: Anthropology

Jamie Fago