Lifestyle:: Little Girls Dream

Lifestyle:: Little Girls Dream

Little girls dream and dream and dream…

Having two little girls running around the house, we play make believe a lot. We have several tea parties, make all sorts of delicious cakes and dress up like princesses all the time! This little dollhouse sits in our backyard and is the most magical tiny place! My girls play in here every single day and watching them play is most magical thing to witness. This little dollhouse is a true blessing, not only because the girls love it so much, but Mommy and daddy love it too! Its a great place for the girls to go play in and be independent and to let their imaginations run. (not to mention a good place to just get them out of our own house, lol)

Please enjoy these pictures below that my talented friend Erica Rourke Photography captured of the girls playing as they normally do in their beautiful house.




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Jamie Fago