Lifestyle:: What’s Cooking?

Lifestyle:: What’s Cooking?

What’s Cooking?…. Little chefs!

If you are in the Palm Beach area and are looking for something Fun, different and really cute to do for your little ones… Look no further!!  Have their own little cooking class right in your own kitchen! Supplies, head chef and no work for Mom all included!  Miss Nancy from What’s Cooking? has created a fun and educational cooking class for almost all ages!

Last Friday, we scheduled a playdate with some of our Best little Friends. All we had to do was show up and Miss Nancy had everything else covered!  The kids learned how to make Strawberry shortcake in mason jars (which of course, we had to make the dessert first!) and then they learned how to make meatballs!

Throughout the “lesson” Miss Nancy taught them about the importance of ingredients, tools, measuring and cooking safety.  Also, between each recipe Miss Nancy had lots of fun cooking inspired crafts for the kids to make (including their Chef hats)

It was a great fun filled day of cooking and entertaining and the kids LOVED IT!! They truly ate (and bathed…. my youngest of course) through the class!

For More Information about What’s Cooking? Contact Miss Nancy at

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