On The Grill:: Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

On The Grill:: Bacon Wrapped Shrimp



Bacon Wrapped shrimp!… Oh! How delicious!!…. This great little appetizer is something that I grew up on. As long as I can remember when my family would get together with our family friends and we were grilling out this was definitely something that would make it on the grill. As fast as they were ready… it was just as fast as they were gone, everyone waiting around the grill for them to come off!… Trust me you are going to love this!

Whenever we make these delicious Bacon wrapped shrimp I can’t help but think of “Mr. Timmy” he’s the one that you can say came up with this amazing recipe (at least we all like to think so :)… and Im pretty sure that he did)

Mr. Timmy is a very dear friend to our family. He and his family are like our “family”, my mom and Joni (his wife) have been best friends since High School and all of us kids have grown up together. Just thinking back, makes me realize its been way too long since I have seen all of them!

But anyways… Back to the recipe!
Since then, this great appetizer has been passed on for many years! And even now, when grilling out this is whats on the menu and they are still gone just as fast!



Peeled Shrimp with the tails on (Gulf shrimp is the best)


Cream Cheese (I used a cream cheese with Chives mixed in)

Fresh sliced jalapeno

Seasoning (you can season if you want, I actually forgot to season them for this round and they were still just as delicious)

Salt, pepper and fresh squeezed lemon juice. Also Tony’s Seafood seasoning is great on top!

Once you have prepared everything and the grill is ready, put them on for about 12 minutes or until the shrimp are pink.

This is definitely one of my favorites and I’m sure it will be one of yours too!


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Jamie Fago