Past Halloween Favorites

Past Halloween Favorites

If you have been following along with me on my blog for a few years you may realize that Halloween is one of my favorite little holidays!

I think its one of my favorites because One, there are always so many great decorations that go along with the holiday and there are so many fun DIY’s to make! Second reason for loving this holiday… its the kickoff for all the other holidays that are just around the corner!

I mean just think about it, from October- June there is a holiday or reason to celebrate in every month! So of course Halloween is something to get excited about and to make you look forward to all the excitement to come!

So, over the years we have had several little halloween parties at our house and with that I have gotten to create a lot of fun Halloween themed foods, desserts and crafts! Below have rounded up just a few of my favorite past Halloween favorites!

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Jamie Fago