Perfected the Kale Chip

Perfected the Kale Chip


I have tried a few times the “kale chip” never did they ever turn out that great or even taste that good!…. (YES! a kale chip can actually taste good with the proper ingredients!) Though its not all just about the ingredients. You definitely have to get a dehydrator! And guess what?! Dehydrators are not that expensive any more nor are they these huge machines!

I bought my dehydrator from The Palm Beach Outlets, kitchen Collection store (click HERE) and it was $69.00!.. not too bad! Its awesome and so easy to use! Lately I have been throwing all sorts of things in it… like, sliced apples, strawberries, bananas, dates, the list can go on! (if you’d like I can also list how I prepared those in another post)

The dehydrator is awesome because you can create great little snacks that can last you all week! Yes, it does take some time for the finished product but its so worth it!

But, like I said the kale chip was one that took a few times to perfect, and you know the only thing I needed to change was to add lemon and dehydrate them on HIGH! (not medium)

They really did turn out to be delicious!…





1 whole bag of kale

2 tsp. Salt ( I used Himalayan salt)

Fresh cracked pepper blend

* Something we call “Ajda Pepper” (its Turkish hot pepper flakes) you can substitute for chili flakes. You will want some sort of hot pepper flakes for taste.

1 large lemon, squeezedIMG_8381 IMG_8384 IMG_8389

Mix it all together so that all of the flavors cover the kale. Then lay them out on each rack of the dehydrator (try not to lay them on top of each other) Turn dehydrator on high and let it run for about 6 Hours… I know, a long time, but they come out perfect and crispy!

Then enjoy!! IMG_8395 IMG_8397 IMG_8400 IMG_8404 IMG_8405IMG_8423Happy Cooking!


Jamie Fago