Recipe:: Cool As A Cucumber


08 Jul Recipe:: Cool As A Cucumber

Want to make a refreshing appetizer that is perfect for this, Oh! SOOO HOT summer?! Try these delicious Cucumber Cups! Make small cucumber cups and fill them with your favorite dips! You can make anything you wish to put in them… the options can be endless!

For these Cucumber Cups, I chose to make a Lemon spice hummus, jalapeño tomato basil salad and guacamole. Get the full recipe for these fillings below!


Carveout the center of the cucumbers, not going too deep, just enough so that you have a small cup for your fillings.

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Hummus Recipe::

1 box (or can) of Gorbonzo beans, rinsed

1/2 tablespoon of olive oil

2 squeezed lemons

Salt & Pepper

Mix all together in a food processor or blender

Pinch of red pepper flakes for top

Jalapeno Tomato Salad Recipe::

Diced cherry tomatoes

Diced jalapeños

Minced garlic


Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper


1 whole avocado

Diced cherry tomatoes

Diced jalapeños

1 squeezed lime

Salt & Pepper



Jamie Fago