Southern Belle’s Cakery Featured In…

Southern Belle’s Cakery Featured In…

It’s finally October!! Which means Halloween is just around the corner!

And we are getting right in the halloween spirit…

Just last week Beth Beattie asked Southern Belle’s Cakery to make desserts for her Mummies’ little Monsters Halloween party! The party looked so adorable, filled with so many cute and fun details. The party was so cute, that in fact…… Pizzazzerie featured the party on their site!

I am so happy that Beth asked Southern Belle’s Cakery to do all of the desserts! They all turned out so cute and were so much fun to make!!

Here are a few images of the desserts SBC made,see more check Here…..

Mummy chocolate cover Oreos


One eyed purple monsters


Three eyed marsh mellow monsters


Chocolate dipped ghost pretzels

Jamie Fago