Tech:: Photobook in a Snap App

Tech:: Photobook in a Snap App

Since becoming a new mom I have so many great pictures of our baby and our new little family. Having them all on my phone is great, but I kinda miss having actual photos that I could put away for her for when she gets bigger.

As being a new mom outings are a bit of a production so getting to the store to print photos is not really that easy. Until NOW….

Thanks to my tech-savay husband, he showed me this great App that allows you to make a photobook all from your phone and even sets up shipping and payment through your iTunes! Its a great app, so easy to use, the photobook is inexpensive, it ships in just days and is great quality! I Love this App and I love even more that I have these photobooks (I already made 2 and she is only 9 weeks old :)) Now I can set these photobooks aside for my baby girl so she can see all of her milestones!

Checkout the app in the App Store



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Jamie Fago