Tech: Send a letter App

Tech: Send a letter App

Just last week I received a little love letter in the mail from my husband. It was so sweet, thoughtful and such a nice little unexpected surprise!

I wanted to write and share this with you because I think it is the coolest thing!  This card all came from an App that Joey had downloaded on iTunes called Cards! I thought, not only am I a lucky girl to have such as sweet husband! 😉 but the quality of this card was amazing!! The card was made from a thick card stock and the design on front was all letterpress!!! (my fav!) It also had a sweet customized message inside. <3

Here’s the best parts about this app!

1. its a FREE app

2. there are tons of different cards to choose from for any occasion

3. it only cost $2.99 to send the card which includes the envelope and stamp! All you have to do is pic your design, write your message and write where its going! How easy right?!

The App is called


and you can get it here 

Happy writing!



Jamie Fago