Tweedle D…

Tweedle D…

Tweed is a fun trend this fall, it’s great to have to dress up or down any look.

A great thing about this look is that I bet (if you can not find tweed in stores) you could find a tweed skirt, jacket or dress in your mother or grandmother’s closet, (trends are coming back!) if they don’t mind handing it down to you 🙂 take it to alterations and turn it into a mini skirt or mini dress!

The best thing about old fashion fabs like these are, if you can get it without spending a ton of $$$ and only have to pay for alterations, then you have made the best fashion deal of all!

I am a very lucky girl because my mother-in-law has great fashion taste, her closet(s) are a girls dream (I would live in there if I could, just to look at her beautiful clothes and SHOES!!) 🙂 She is someone who girls should definitely take note of when it comes to fashion.  She has clothes, shoes and purses that are over 10 years old that look like brand-spankin’ new, she using them just takes amazing care of her stuff! She always says, “If you love something, take good care of it and you will have it forever” I am definitely taking lessons from her on that. Trends come, go and come back again, a girl never wants to feel guilty about throwing out old clothes that may come back again (although, yes there are a few that probably should stay gone).

But anyways, back to why I am lucky, LOL… my mother-in-law every now and then cleans out her closet, and no its not because the clothes are not good anymore, its because she just needs more room. So she will call me and my sister-in-laws to give us a heads up that she is doing closet inventory and if we want anything we better get there now! (to say the least christmas comes a little early every now and then) We are always so grateful for the things that she gives us and are always in shock over the stuff she doesn’t want anymore, but she always says “I know where you live,” meaning if I want it, I know where to find it, lol and we do not mind at all! 🙂

I recently got two tweed pieces from her and love them, I can’t wait to wear them! Here are two tweed pieces…

This is a Tweed jacket that is amazing! I love the different colors and pink inside. This is a great casual look paired with dark skinny jeans, a loose boyfriend t-shirt (saks), long necklace (Forever21), pink clutch (LV) and a fun heels.

(I did not have to do any alterations for this look) 🙂

Another great piece

Vintage Chanel tweed skirt

(getting it altered into a mini)

Has a few small stains but once it’s shortened it will be like brand new!

Since I have a few great pieces that have been handed down to me I think I should start having posts every now and then based on my hammy downs, maybe called something like… MIL Pick or B’s pick… maybe I’ll keep working on the names! haha

Fill free to leave me any comments on what you thought about this post below under the comments section. Would also love to hear of any name ideas you come up with for my hammy down posts!

Hope you Enjoy!


Jamie Fago