Twice Baked Potatoes…The quick way

Twice Baked Potatoes…The quick way

SBC_recipe_2BakedpotatoTwice Baked potatoes are so Delicious!!!… They are so tasty and go great with steak or any thing that you put on the grill.

For a faster way to make these yummy guys….

First, wash them well then puncture them with a fork all around. Then wet several paper towels and wrap the potatoes individually, one sheet at a time.

For the first round of Baked….Place them in the Microwave! Usually there is a baked potato option on your microwave that you can use (you definitely will have to use that button a few times) you will heat the potatoes until they are very soft. (usually takes about 15-20 minutes)

While your potatoes are cooking, prepare your toppings!….. IMG_8375


Green Onions

Shredded Mexican blend Cheese

Fully Cooked Bacon (this also speeds up the process) This bacon can be found near the cheese section at the store or near the butcher and comes in a box.

Fage Greek Yogurt (I like to use this instead of Sour Cream)

2 Tbsp. Milk

Butter, Salt and Pepper

IMG_8408 IMG_8411 IMG_8412 IMG_8416 IMG_8418 IMG_8419Preheat your over at 350 degrees.

Place your loaded potatoes in the over and bake them for about 10-15 minutes uncovered until they are golden brown.

Then enjoy!!

IMG_9329 2

Jamie Fago