Yo-Go Morning

Yo-Go Morning

I was never much of a breakfast eater until after I had my daughter and now it seems that I can not function without it.

I think one of the main reasons why I did not eat breakfast was because anything I ate, I either felt drugged down (moving in slow-motion) because I was too full or totally opposite, I was hungry again in 30 minutes.

Now a days I have found my perfect breakfast! My favorite thing to eat EVERY SINGLE morning, can’t live without is……

Greek Yogurt with fresh fruit, house baked granola and agave honey!….

(mmm…just thinking about it!)


I love this in the morning because

1. its light enough and settles in my tummy nice

2. fulfilling enough to get my day going

3. last me until lunch

4. I get my healthy sweet fix early in morning (which is better for you anyways)


Fage Yogurt 0%

Noosa Yogurt- this yogurt is Awesome! I add just a little scoop of this kind to my plain yogurt.  (they have all different flavors, my favorite is peach)

Wholesome Blue Agave

Fresh Strawberries

WholeFoods house baked granola



Jamie Fago